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Tarot Readings

All services available by appointment only. Please contact Lena at [email protected] or on Facebook to schedule your appointment. 

~ If you can not keep an appointment please call at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule for a later date. ~


Star Reading (Regular Reading):

This spread is laid out in a starburst shape and is read counter clockwise, and through a crisscross pattern. Lena?s star readings offer a quick overview of the important matters at the present moment. This reading looks into the romantic, financial, health, and lifestyle areas of the client. This reading takes a look at the past, present, and future events that effect the clients journey through life. Please allow 30 minutes for this reading. Cost $40.00


Full Circle Reading (Extended Readings):

The spread is laid out like a clock and is read counter-clockwise. Lena's full circle reading provides the client with step by step guidance toward finding their inner path and maintaining personal, spiritual, and physical well being. In this reading the client will receive in-depth insight into financial matters, romance, and working relationships, health, travel, and more. This reading is done no more that once per week and is intended to offer guidance to those spiritual questions that burn within the soul. Please allow a full hour for this reading. Cost $50.00

Couples Reading Session

This reading is designed to shed light on the relationship between two people. It is not only for romantic partners. It includes information about each individual and their personal journey, as well as their journey together in this lifetime. Please allow an hour for this reading as it is more than one reading. Cost $60.00

For more information about readings, channeling sessions, or to schedule a reading please call 785-542-9865.

[email protected]


All readings are offered for spiritual purposes only. These readings are not predictions of what will be in the future (fortune-telling). There are no guarantees to the future because each person makes their own destiny by the choices they make in life and the individuals they choose to have surrounding them each day.


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